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Social Skills Groups are just one of the highlight's of being part of

NY Center for Autism Treatment

Social Skill Groups are a wonderful way for children to learn to initiate, respond to, interact and simply have fun with other children.  Our program is unique and successful.

Our Social Skills Groups run weekends from Spring to Fall. 

There are two groups:  kids 6 years and under, and kids 7 and up.  While younger kids play games like soccer, yoga, arts & crafts and holiday inspired activities like practice trick or treating.  Our older kids play flag football, soccer, go to the movies, do lunches, as well as holiday inspired activities.  We also celebrate each others birthdays!  Programs are designed to incorporate social skills, as well as sensory, fine and gross motor skills.  ​​Siblings are also welcome to tag-a-long! 

Enrollment:  Children must be currently enrolled in our home-based ABA program for participation.  Parents must stay with children during the group outing.  Parent's must RSVP to each social skill group date by the Wednesday prior to the group, via phone or email to

Social Skill Groups

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